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Windows & Mac – Are you Really So Awesome??????


Linux: An Introduction


All of us who know about technology a little bit even must know about Operating systems. The most popular OS in the world of consumer computing is Windows & Mac. But do we have any idea, that we are still not seeking a wide range of OS which is more efficient & better in almost all aspects ?


Yes, it could be a little strange to some of the readers, but this is true. Linux is one of the most underrated OS in the consumer world. Linux is considered a command line OS which needs a command for every task, but this is not true.


Now there are so many Linux distros which are very easy to use & the User Interface is very interactive as compared to any other OS.


This article will tell you why you should install a Linux Distro in your PC & does it really helpful for you.


linux and windows
linux and windows


10 Reasons to Install Linux in your PC


  1. Linux is Robust: – Linux works on real-time processing. It doesn’t hang like windows do many times.
  2. Free of Cost: – Unlike Windows & Mac, you don’t need to pay a single penny on buying OS. Just Choose a Distro & install it on your PC.
  3. Manual Updates: – Windows forces you Updates, Mac charge you for updates. In Case of Linux, you don’t need to anything. Update when you like & it’s totally free.
  4. No Virus Infection: – Most of the malicious codes are written for Windows Users & some for Mac. But there are very fewer chances of a Linux PC when it comes to security vulnerabilities.
  5. Hardware Compatibility: – Linux can be installed on any hardware whether new or old. This reason shows the interest of many users. If you have an old PC with low configuration. Use it with a Linux Distro & you will see the difference.
  6. Flexibility: – There are so many distros to choose from, but if you don’t like any of them. Then you can create your own custom OS as per your requirements.
  7. Application Software: – Many times, you need to buy Application soft wares (like MS Office, Adobe Photoshop etc.). In Linux, most of the Software is free to use. Just Install them & start using.
  8. Reliable: – It is a very reliable OS other than Windows.
  9. Learning new Technology: – If you love technology, then you can use Linux & can see so many updated & other things which you can learn only in Linux platform.
  10. Hackers Favourite: – All the security researchers & hackers love Linux as most of the Security & hacking tools are written for Linux platform. And the full-featured version is always ready for Linux first & later for other platforms.


How to Choose a Linux Distro? Wait!! What is a Linux Distro??


Linux is very different from a Windows or Mac OS. There are so many distros where you can choose as per your usage. Many of us who know a little about Linux must know about Ubuntu, but there are so many other OS out there.


If you want to use a Linux OS, then you need to compile the Linux kernel, GNU shell utilities, Xorg X server, and every other program on a Linux system. This will consume a lot of time & you just get your installation. For this, many organizations do the same work for you & create their own version of Linux which targets some type of users like Home User, Graphic designer, Hackers, Security Analysts & many other.


You can choose a Linux distro of a home user first, then start with. Soon you can choose any afterward when you have a good understanding of Linux.


There are some Linux Distros which you can use while switching from Windows.


  • Linux Mint Mate
  • Linux Mint Xfce
  • Lubuntu
  • Zorin OS

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