22 Days Movie Review Hit or Flop

22 Days Movie
22 Days Movie

22 Days Movie Reviews Hit or Flop

Vishal (Shivam Singh) is a self-made Mauritian business tycoon which can not always pronounce Mauritius correctly. His star is on the rise and he wants more.

They have a weakness that women have. Of course, he is married, but he does not stop him from leaning with his wife’s best friend. When she is not busy with leaning on women, she is busy reducing her business rival Omtinos Zapiro (Rahul Dev). However, silly silver-haired Ottino has its own unscrupulous plan.

In the first scene in the film, Terry-Eyed Leading Actor / Director apologizes to the camera.

A few minutes in the movie, you realized that the apology was actually for those visitors who would be subject to two hours of poor performance and direction of the hours of the scenes. In many scenes, dubbing is a complete inquiry and just when you thought that the worst is over, then you are killed with a song.

The strange thing is that the actress in the film tells her to wear a hat while she is pregnant, to be pregnant. You wonder why he is so sweet to say the word condom? Later, she also used to quarrel with him because he wore ‘cap’ while loving!

With a two-hour runtime and a clear conspiracy, you might want to think twice before watching this movie!


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